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Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance



Medical Insurance Plans


Wells Fargo Insurance Services offers medical insurance plans for Amway IBOs; whether you are not offered group health coverage from a current employer or are in-between jobs and waiting for a health insurance plan to become effective, or you are working part-time (or even full-time) in the Amway business and looking for a high-quality plan for you and your family.  We have a plan that is right for you with premium savings and benefits, including:


  • A wide range of comprehensive health insurance plans
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSA) with a high deductible health insurance plan and a tax-favored HSA
  • Short-term policies if you are between employer paid plans, laid off, or have a child who is attending college or is a recent graduate
  • Employer Small Group Health for IBOs with employees looking for group rates
  • Medicare-Eligible IBOs have access to Group Health Benefits


Plus, we give you the freedom to use any doctor or hospital, or you can select from our network providers to get discounts on services with no claim forms and fewer out-of-pocket expenses.


We partner with over 150 experienced insurance carriers nationwide that are committed to providing superior coverage at cost-effective prices.  We encourage all IBOs to take advantage of our medical insurance benefits for coverage you can depend on.



If you are an IBO anticipating going onto COBRA, or are currently on COBRA, our agents are able to help you thoroughly evaluate your options, as COBRA may not be your only option.  


To learn more about our medical insurance benefits or COBRA alternatives, please contact one of our insurance professionals.  They will help you compare benefits so you can make an informed decision and design an insurance plan that satisfies your needs.  You may also purchase your insurance plan online.