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Filing a Claim

Filing a Claim

If you visit a participating Anthem provider, the doctor or the hospital will electronically bill the insurance company, so you don't need to submit any paper forms.


To find out if your doctor or the hospital is an Anthem provider, please see the Find a Provider section on this website.


On occasion the provider may bill you directly. If you receive a bill from the provider's office, please do the following immediately:


     1.  Make a copy of the itemized bills for your files.

     2.  Submit the original to:

          Anthem Blue Cross
          P.O. Box 60007
          Los Angeles, CA 90060 

Please be advised that the Pepperdine University Student Health Center does not bill Anthem Blue Cross directly. To get reimbursed for your Student Health Center payments, make a copy of the "Walkout Statement" that you received from the Health Center and send the original to Anthem Blue Cross at the address above.


You can check on your claim status three to four weeks after mailing your bills by calling Anthem Blue Cross at 1-855-296-0864, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to midnight (PST).